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AudioEar team knows the Audiology field, and knows how to reach the patients you need to grow your practice. Our deep experience draws on proven strategies for generating new leads, converting those leads into patients, and building revenue.

If you’ve never tried digital marketing before, don’t worry. We’ll transform your business while keeping it centered around you.

Full-Spectrum Marketing for Maximum Effectiveness

Web Design

Your website is the hub of your practice’s digital presence. We take the time to get to know you and what makes your practice special, then deliver a complete website that defines and promotes your brand, giving potential patients a memorable impression of your business. Our premium web design services work beautifully across all platforms and devices.


A great website alone isn’t enough: you need traffic. Our search engine optimization (SEO) services improve your site’s rankings with major search engines, bringing your site directly to potential patients who need your services now.

SEO is complex. The three major search engines use more than 200 factors to determine which results are delivered first, and our SEO strategists address them all. Then we go further, developing campaigns that keep your site ranking high and patients coming in for the long haul.

Reputation Management

Before people become patients, they need to develop a sense of trust in you and your practice. Most people examine online reviews before making important decisions like choosing a chiropractor. Our reputation management services keep your reviews positive by monitoring and managing online reviews across the Web.


Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful way to bring your practice to attention of the patients who make your practice succeed. As its name implies, PPC ensures that you only pay when people view your ad and take action. We’ll help you establish an advertising budget that works for you, then develop a strategy that delivers the best value for every penny you spend, producing more conversions for your ad spend.

Social Media

Effective marketing reaches people where the live online. That means getting your message across on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms run on advertising specifically because they produce results, quickly and efficiently. Our social media experts help you develop an online presence that keeps your practice top-of-mind for new patients, even before they know they need chiropractic care.

Video Production

No other medium engages audiences and drives results like video. Our video production professionals will help you generate ideas for video content and turn them into compelling, memorable marketing assets that keep your best face forward.

Content Writing

Written content supports all aspects of your digital marketing campaign, from the SEO that drives website traffic to the social media followers who reinforce your practice’s reputation. Our professional copywriters develop the short- and long-form content that get your name into the conversation and keep it there.

The best time to build your online presence was when you started your practice. The second-best time is right now.

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